Microsoft says facial recognition will be disabled for a while

Microsoft has said that it will disable facial recognition in the Windows 10 Creators Update and that it plans to disable it in the coming months.

The announcement is part of a larger plan to ensure that Windows 10 devices will be secure, and it follows the recent announcement that Microsoft would disable the feature in its Creators update.

Microsoft has made clear that the plan is to make Windows 10 a secure environment for all of its users, so it has made the decision to disable facial detection in the Creators updates.

Microsoft is not saying what its reasoning is for disabling facial recognition, and if facial recognition is going to be available in the future, we have no idea.

The company is making the decision because it believes that facial recognition provides a “secure and convenient experience” for users, and that the system will be able to handle the increased demands on it as a result.

The decision to block facial recognition has come from Microsoft, and not Microsoft itself.

The new plan means that Microsoft is effectively blocking users from accessing facial recognition features.

Microsoft says that it has no plans to offer any additional features to the Windows Store that would allow users to view a face through a camera, but it is looking into making that a feature in the upcoming Creators version of Windows 10.

Microsoft said that its plan to disable the facial recognition feature is for “security reasons.”

Microsoft’s announcement on Thursday does not mention whether facial recognition can be used to access the camera in the Photos app, or whether Microsoft would block those features in the next Creators release.

The Windows 10 version of Photos, which is built for the Xbox One and is available for purchase today, already has a feature that lets users see a face by taking a photo of it.

This feature will be available to users in the new Creators Windows 10 update.

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