What’s new in the latest macOS 10.14.2 software update

Software updates have been rolling out to Mac users over the past few weeks, and it seems like Apple has managed to keep all of the major issues at bay with this release.

Here are the major things that have been added or improved in this latest version of macOS.

Mac OS X 10.15.4 – New AppleScript SDK This week’s macOS 10,14.4 update brings with it support for AppleScript, a JavaScript language designed to automate the creation of custom scripts.

AppleScript is used to automate tasks for many things in Apple’s OS X platform, and while the language itself isn’t particularly powerful, it’s an interesting tool for developers to have in their toolbox.

Apple is using AppleScript to create the new AppleScript 2.0 SDK for developers.

It will let them easily create scripts for any macOS application that they can easily find in the Mac App Store, or by using the Mac Developer Toolkit.

Developers will be able to use AppleScript for scripting functions and functions that they create from a script tag or other script tags.

Apple has also made a new Mac App Certification (MAC) tool that will let you create new Mac applications from AppleScript files.

You can now open AppleScript documents using a Finder shortcut, and you can even create a new document from an existing one.

If you want to create an AppleScript file that uses a specific font, for example, you can do so with a single keystroke.

This new tool is a really good way to get started with using Apple’s scripting language, and we’re excited to see what developers do with it. macOS 10 ,15.3 – New Command-Line Interface Apple has updated the macOS Command-line interface, adding a new option for adding a Mac app to the MacApp Store.

The new interface lets you add a Mac application to the store by simply adding a tag to the application.

This is a handy feature for developers who need to get their app onto the Mac quickly, but also a great way to quickly find the application on the App Store.

You’ll find an Apple Application Name tag in the app’s description, along with a “Mac App Certification” checkbox.

The application can then be added to the Store with a simple click.

You won’t see this in the previous version of the macOS, where you had to open the Finder and add the Mac application.

The MacApp Certification feature is useful for developers of applications for Mac App Stores that require a specific OS X app to be certified, and for Mac developers who want to work on their apps quickly and easily.

MacOS 10.11.4 and 10.12.4 macOS 10 is now a universal operating system, meaning all versions of macOS have been updated to include support for the latest Apple technologies.

Apple will also now support the newest version of OS X, Mavericks, with the next major macOS update.

The latest update to macOS 10 comes with a few new features.

The most significant one is that Mavericks now includes support for new features that will allow developers to create their own applications on the Mac.

Apple also added a new macOS app developer tag that lets you quickly create new apps for your favorite Mac application, as well as add them to the AppStore.

The app developer feature is especially useful for Mac app developers who have no prior experience creating applications for the Mac, because it allows them to quickly and efficiently build apps for Mac.

Mac developers can use this feature to quickly create apps that run on the desktop or on the iPhone or iPad, or even create apps for other platforms, such as Android or ChromeOS.

Mac App Development Kit Support Mac App Developers will now be able use the Mac Application Development Kit (MADK) to build applications for other Mac platforms.

This means that developers can quickly add applications to the Apple App Store for other iOS platforms.

The MADK allows developers to build apps that work across all of iOS devices and even on new platforms such as ChromeOS and Samsung’s Gear VR.

Apple introduced the MADK to the OS X developer community back in June, and the developer community has been using it to add applications for iOS and Android for years.

This year’s update is a huge win for Mac applications on iOS, and this new version of Mac OS lets developers build apps quickly on the new hardware.

It’s also a big win for developers on Android, which has been lacking in the developer tools for the platform.

macOS Sierra is now available for all Mac users to download from the Mac Software Update page.

macOS Yosemite will be released in the coming weeks, bringing new features and performance improvements to macOS.

macOS Mojave will be available to download in late 2017 for Mac users, and there’s also the new Sierra for iPad and Apple TV.

The Apple TV has been in beta testing for a while, and Apple has been actively testing it.

Apple announced today that it will be bringing the new TV app to Apple TV users in 2018.

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