Why the GOP is about to lose the election

The GOP has long had a problem with its own image.

Now, the party faces a choice: either let the public get a more accurate picture of how it actually is, or embrace a false, self-serving narrative that can’t be trusted.

The GOP’s problem is twofold: 1) its image has been tarnished by the election of Donald Trump and the GOP’s recent failures in Congress, which have left it looking more like a party that has little chance of governing.

In a year in which the country is being led by a President Trump who is increasingly divisive and erratic, the GOP will be forced to confront its true nature and its true agenda, and the only way it can do that is to let the truth shine.

2) The GOP should embrace a more transparent, nonpartisan narrative that shows the party has done its best to work with Democrats and progressives.

The last two years have demonstrated that the GOP has lost touch with the American people.

This is the moment for the GOP to start acting like a real, bipartisan, party.

It should start by embracing its true principles, embracing a platform that shows real progress, and embracing real leaders.

Republican voters want a Republican Party that works for them.

They want a GOP that takes responsibility for what happens in their lives, and they want a party they can count on to stand up to President Trump.

That’s what the GOP should be about.

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